Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Gum Treatment In Bangalore

Infections affect on tissues around the teeth and bones in the mouths is known as gum diseases. Gum diseases are also known as periodontal diseases. The two major types of gum diseases are Gingivitis and periodontits


Gingivitis is a common form of gum diseases. Tissues that surrounds the teeth and gums are affected in gingivitis


Advanced stage of gingivitis is known as periodontits. Periodontitis will result in plaque formation by bacteria in teeth

Best Clinic For Gum Diseases

Dental solutions clinic, Bangalore is managed by Dr K V Balasubramanya, one of the highly experienced and skilled periodontist. Dental Solutions clinic provides painless laser methods for gum diseases treatment. Non- surgical treatments are provided for gum disease patients for fast recovery and least bed rest. The clinic s situated in indiranagar and provides the best gum treatment in bangalore

Treatment methods

Timely comprehensive periodontal examination(CPE) is helpful to find gum diseases early and take the necessary treatments on time. As most of the gum diseases are due to bacteria formation in the mouth, bacteria removal is the most common method of gum disease treatment. Depending on the gum disease oral medicines to minor surgeries will be required