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Best Dentist In Hyderabad

A healthy mouth is a symbol of healthy body. Through various researches it is found that there is an association between gum diseases and other serious illness like heart disease, stroke etc. Thus maintaining a good oral hygiene is very essential. Dental problems are increasing day by day, due to the changes in lifestyle. By proper treatment and care we can get rid from most dental issues. LBR Dental & Implant Center in Hyderabad provides the services of best dentist in Hyderabad.

Common dental problems

1. Tooth decay: Tooth decay or cavities are more common in people. This occurs when plaque (stickly thin layer of bacteria) combines with sugar/starches from food we eat.

2. Gum disease: Infection in the gum surrounding leads to gum diseases. It is the main cause of tooth loss in adults. Gum disease is also known as periodontal disease. Regular dental check ups can keep you away from gum diseases.

3. Oral cancer: Oral cancer can be cured, if detected early. Oral cancer is seen in mouth, lips, or throat. If not treated properly, it can lead to death.

4. Dry mouth: The saliva has an ability to protect the teeth from bacteria. Thus if the mouth is dry, the chances for getting dental problems are more. Dry mouth may be an after effect of heart disease and blood pressure medications.

5. Bad breath: Bad breath is an after effect of gum diseases, cavities, dry mouth etc. By using proper mouthwashes we keep away bad breath.
The clinic offers treatments like oral surgery, laser dentistry, implant dentistry, periodontics etc. If you have any of the above dental problems, it’s better to consult a good dentist to avoid further complications.

LBR Dental & Implant Center is one of the best dental clinic in Hyderabad, which provides a complete dental solution at an affordable cost. The clinic is fully equipped with sophisticated equipments and provides pain free laser dentistry with international standards.

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